Intermediate Obedience - Wednesday or Saturday

$165 plus GST

Intermediate obedience group class is for dogs who have a good basic foundation of training and would benefit from learning more advanced skills. 

This class is run in a 5 week series and is recommended for dogs that are 8 months of age or older.

We will focus on improving the 6 commands learned in puppy class including long line training for better recall and teaching commands from a distance. This class is great for dogs who need to work with distractions and to improve focus with the owner.

Wednesday: 7-8pm

New Dates: July 15 - August 12,2020

Saturday: 12- 1pm

New Dates: June 20 - July 25,2020

No class July 4


Unfortunately Reactive dogs are not allowed in the class.

Instructor: Kate Crew, Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist


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