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About Amber

I happen to love people as much as I love dogs. Working with dogs and their humans is the most rewarding experience for me. It has always been my passion to improve the relationship between a dog and their guardian so both can have a rewarding lifelong journey together. I achieve this through good listening skills, excellent people skills, and an extraordinary connection with dogs.

Training dogs is not just about obedience. It’s about understanding the dynamics of the relationship between a dog and owner. It’s about recognizing opportunities to help strengthen and improve this bond, and it’s about working together. All relationships take effort and the most rewarding ones require a lot of dedication.

I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of dogs and owners over the past 17 years and have gained over 15 thousand hours of experience. I started my journey after completing three levels of certification as a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist. I have read numerous books; attended many dog behavior symposiums, and participated in workshops for continuing education.

Behavior Specialist

Amber has extensive experience dealing with behavior problems from her countless hours of rehabilitating shelter dogs and working with clients. She has devoted countless volunteer hours to training and rehabilitating canine behavior problems at the BCSPCA, the Delta Humane Society, and the Delta Community Animal Shelter.

Amber has served as an elected member of the Community Advisory Committee and as a Regional Councillor for the BCSPCA. In 2004 she founded the Delta Humane Society where she served as Director of Training and Rehabilitation, Executive Director and then as President for the Board of Directors. In 2005, Amber also founded, and is the Chief Training Instructor for the International Academy of Canine Trainers.

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