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Academy of Canine Trainers

Learn to be a Dog Trainer

The only hands-on school for Dog Trainers registered with the Ministry of Advanced Education.
The International Academy of Canine Trainers is dedicated to providing quality education based on current scientific knowledge of learning and behaviour to students wanting to become pet dog trainers or to work within the pet groomers and animal care industry.
All course curricula are derived from over 14,000 hours of experience working with all different types of dogs in various aspects of obedience and behaviour training. The Academy follows positive reinforcement principles, as well as desensitizing, counter conditioning, classical conditioning, luring and extinction to achieve and teach appropriate behaviours in dogs. 
The Academy's goal is to provide the most comprehensive education for our students and to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners. Students will work with client dogs and shelter dogs, teaching basic obedience and proper behaviour. This practice gives the student a broad exposure to different training challenges and scenarios.

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