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Custom Workshops - $150 plus GST

Workshops take place on site at various locations in Delta

Many specific issues can be handled in a customized session.  We will work on your unique training challenge.  Feel free to invite one friend who is having the same challenge with their dog.  It's a great way to split the cost. 

Maximum 2 people per workshop

Loose Leash Walking

The most common issue among dog owners is that their dog pulls on the leash. Sometimes changing the walking equipment works and sometimes it doesn’t. In this 1 hour customized training session, you will learn what type of harness, leash and collar to use and how to teach your dog to walk nicely on leash.

Come When Called

Come When Called training is very popular because you get personal attention with your dog, and see results. 

We will focus on building a positive association with coming when called from close up, then at a distance using a long line for safety. The goal is to work towards a reliable off leash recall.






Contact Amber to book your workshop.

Instructor: Amber Cottle, Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist

Working with Distractions

Your dog may perform commands perfectly without distractions such as in your home or yard,  but what happens when you add distractions? This customized training session will focus on showing you how to get your dog to listen even when there are distractions such as people, cars, other dogs, bicycles etc. You will learn how to motivate your dog to listen to you in any environment. 

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