Puppy Socializing and Obedience

$265 plus GST

It has been scientifically proven that puppies need to learn proper social skills within the first 5 months of life in order to develop a stable and confident temperament. It is also important for the owner to understand how to guide their puppy’s behaviour using reward based training.

The group class takes place at our comfortable indoor training centre and includes a private session first at no extra charge, to give you the one on one attention you need to deal with any issues you are having with your puppy, such as nipping, housetraining, chewing, digging, food possessiveness, walking on leash, proper equipment etc.

The focus of the private session is to give the owner guidance in changing unwanted behaviours through positive reinforcement and by establishing leadership with the puppy based on trust and respect. The group class focuses on off leash play and socializing with other puppies in a controlled environment as well as learning basic obedience commands with distractions. Proper socializing is critical to preventing aggression issues later on.

 Classes are ongoing so you can start anytime! Class size is limited to 8 dogs and subject to availability. Your private class must be completed before you can join the group class.

Wednesday: 6 to 7 pm (mixed size)
Saturday: 10 to 11 am ( large breed)
Saturday: 11am to noon (small breed)
Saturday: 1-2pm (large breed)

1 private plus 6 group sessions. (Must be completed within 8 weeks and there are no classes on long weekends).

For a private consultation at the training centre, please contact Amber.  There is an additional charge for in home consultations.


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