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Veterinarian referred for over 19 years

Serving Delta and the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Masks may be required during some consultations.


"Dog training starts with creating a loving relationship between owner and dog based on respect and trust."

Amber Cottle

About Your Next Favorite Dog Trainer

Amber has been training dogs and their owners since 2003. She is a certified professional dog trainer based in Delta, BC.  She has had several of her own four-legged friends.  Lucy, a Chi- Rat terrier mix is her current companion.


I’d love to add your name to my testimonials list!

Thanks so much for you gentle guidance. I have found in the past that dog trainers I’ve worked with were great with dogs but often downright nasty to their humans.
I think we all felt as secure and comfortable under your tutelage as our dogs did, and I truly enjoyed our sessions. The pups have come a long way. With Homer especially your advice on getting him to watch me, and how to do it, has proven so valuable!


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